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What are the benefits of using myTiger Briefing Center versus conventional search services?

With so much information on the web, the challenge is to efficiently find relevant information that organizations can recognize value from. myTiger provides organizations with a powerful research tool to identify latest news articles published on the web in their area of interest.

Unlike conventional search engines, myTiger focuses only on identifying news articles published on the web. Our editorial team identifies and classifies thousands of sources based on their relevance to an area of information. Our software then constantly monitors these sources to identify links to latest new articles published on their websites.

Our proprietary classification system and data retrieval technologies enable us to identify relevant articles on the web that meet highly specific information needs. And the results, in the form of links to these news articles can be integrated into your website/intranet or distributed to you via e-mail.

The main advantages of using myTiger Briefing Center are:
  • Identification of dynamic news published on the web in specific information categories.
  • An article level search delivers more specific results than a broader site search.
  • Our proprietary classification system allows us to deliver relevant results that cannot be picked up by an "only keyword" search.
What sources & categories of information do you cover?

myTiger monitors thousands of sources including mainstream media sources, vertically specialized providers, government & company releases, research journals & newsgroups. At the moment, we only provide English Language coverage but are actively working on extending our services to cover other languages too.

myTiger Briefing Center covers ten broad information areas:
Business News, Earth & Environment News, Entertainment News, Company News, Health News, Industry News, IT News, Local News, General News, and Travel News.

These broad information areas are further broken down into specific categories of information. We currently cover more than six hundred pre-defined categories of information across a hundred countries. Click here to see a partial list of our pre-defined information categories. You can also use our Research Engine on the top of this page or on our home page, to see if we monitor information relevant to your needs.

Can you create a custom information category for us?

Absolutely. Our objective is to deliver to our users highly relevant information that meets their needs. Our customers can not only take advantage of our pre-defined categories of information, but we can also create custom categories based on combinations of categories and/or keyword & source filters We can also include new sources of information into our monitoring service, based on specific customer needs.

What are the uses of your service?

The core of what we offer is the ability to point users to relevant information published on the web. The breadth of information areas & geographies we cover is extensive, and as such, the uses & applications of our service are limited only by imagination.

We classify our usage segments into three broad areas:
  • Business Knowledge. Briefing Center offers organizations a powerful way to stay updated on news relevant to their business area. With Briefing Center, organizations can easily monitor news about their company & products, news about their competitors, and about related industries. Such information can be integrated into a company's website/intranet or can be received via e-mail.

    Click here to tell us about your Business Information needs and to request a custom proposal.

  • Dynamic Content. With so much information being published on the web, it is very difficult (if not impossible) for sites to try to provide their users with all the information they require in one place. Which is why, a lot of the leading sites on the web provide links to other sites that have domain expertise in different areas.

    Webmasters can use Briefing Center headlines links to point their site visitors to other relevant & valuable information on the web, keeping their sites fresh and updated with dynamic content, and enhancing the value of what they offer their users.

    Click here to tell us about your Dynamic Content needs and to request a custom proposal.

  • Application Integration. There are a number of applications where the inclusion of headlines links to relevant news articles can enhance the value of the core application. We have the flexibility to expose our query logic to partners, such that they can easily integrate our headlines links into the applications they develop.

    Click here to tell us about your Application Integration needs.

How can I integrate headlines links into my website/intranet?

We offer both HTML & XML delivery of headlines links.

The simplest method (requiring minimum technical effort at your end) is a form of HTML delivery where you simply need to cut and paste the code we give you into your webpage. Every time the page is opened, latest headlines links are automatically retrieved from our server. The HTML can be integrated into your page easily, in the look-feel of your page.

We also offer our customers the ability to retrieve information based on dynamic user input on their site. You would simply need to make an http request to our server, in the format specified, and can retrieve a results set in HTML or XML which you can then integrate into your page.

The first step is to let us know about your information needs.
Click here to tell us about your Dynamic Content needs and to request a custom proposal.

How does e-mail delivery work?

E-mail delivery offers you the convenience of receiving relevant headlines links via e-mail. Headlines links that meet your information criteria are delivered to your users via an e-mail newsletter. You can personalize/ custom brand the newsletter, incorporating any messages you want, and choosing the delivery time/frequency. We manage the entire delivery on your behalf, providing you with an effective information solution that you can activate instantly, without any technical requirements on your side.

The first step is to let us know about your information needs, so that we can create an e-mail feed for you.
Click here to tell us about your e-mail newsletter needs.

How much do you charge for your services?

We offer a range of services and pricing models, aimed at providing the most cost effective web research solution appropriate for your needs. For smaller organizations and corporate clients, who primarily seek information for internal purposes, we offer flat monthly pricing plans. For high traffic websites our pricing is based on the number of queries they make to our server to retrieve headlines links.

Use any of our services links at the top of this page to tell us about your information needs, and to request a custom proposal.

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